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Saturday, June 10, 2017, 4:00 - 5:30 PM

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Organizational Characteristics and Performance

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T5

Chair: Jaclyn Piatak, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Organizational Size and Public Service Performance: An Integration of Research Findings

  • Richard M. Walker, City University of Hong Kong
  • Rhys Andrews, Cardiff University
  • Bert George, Erasmus University
  • Xuan Tu, Jiangsu Provincial Party School

A Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of a Federal Performance-Based Grants Program in the Transit Industry

  • Obed Pasha, Cleveland State University
  • Theodore H. Poister, Georgia State University

Budgetary Changes and Organizational Performance: The Conditioning Impact of Clientele Context

  • Carla Flink, American University
  • Angel Luis Molina, Jr. Arizona State University


Turnover Behavior in the Public Sector

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T4

Chair: Laura Langbein, American University

A Meta-Analysis of Turnover Intention Predictors Among Public Sector Employee: Why Do They Leave? Why Do They Stay?

  • Hyunkang Hur, Indiana University Kokomo

Leadership, Modes of Experience, and Frontline Turnover

  • Carrie M. Duncan, University of Missouri

The Impact of Political Appointees on Turnover Intention

  • Lael Keiser, University of Missouri
  • Cody Drolc, University of Missouri
  • Susan Miller, University of South Carolina

Turnover Behavior Among US Government Employees

  • Hyungjo Hur, The Ohio State University
  • Joshua Hawley, The Ohio State University
  • Jue Young Mok, University of Kentucky


Management and Engagement in a Devolved World

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T6

Chair: Anna Amirkhanyan, American University

Big Questions for Public Management in an Era of Devolution

  • Elizabeth Baldwin, University of Arizona
  • Rachel Fyall, University of Washington

Collaborative Governance and Communities: Integrating Collaborative Public Management and Public Engagement

  • Lisa Blomgren Amsler, Indiana University

Nonprofit Inclusion and Voice in Collaborative Governance Networks

  • Jennifer E. Mosley, University of Chicago

What Predicts Nonprofit Engagement in Policy Advocacy? A Meta-Analytical Review

  • Jiahuan Lu, Rutgers University-Newark


Understanding Front Line Workers’ Strategies

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 106

Chair: John Marvel, George Mason University 

An Iceberg of Trust: Linking (Nasty) Policy Reforms to the Loyalty of Street-Level Bureaucrats

  • Frederik Thuesen, SFI - The Danish National Centre for Social Research
  • Rebekka Bille, Danish Board of Social Appeals

Social Class, Ingroup-Outgroup Comparison, and Citizen Evaluations: Is User Satisfaction Linked to Outcome Disparities?

  • Nathan Favero, American University
  • Miyeon Song, Texas A&M University
  • Minjung Kim, American University

Accountability at Its Finest: Front Line Workers Responding to the Use of Body-Worn Cameras

  • James Wright II, American University

“My Job is to Be a Role Model” – Understanding the Role of Teachers in the Implementation of Health Promotion Programs in Danish Public Schools

  • Mathilde Cecchini, University of Aarhus


Bureaucrats’ Responses to Citizen Engagement

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T3

Chair: Barbara Romzek, American University

Caseworkers’ Responses to Citizens’ Emotional Behavior in Public Encounters

  • Mette Bisgaard, Aarhus University

Representative but Underperforming Bureaucracies: Implications for Public Participations

  • Milena I. Neshkova, Florida International University
  • Gregory A. Porumbescu, Rutgers University

A Framework for Stakeholder Management in Local Governance Arenas: Comparing Co-planning, Co-decision making, Co-design, Co-delivery, and Co-Assessment

  • Alessandro Sancino, The Open University
  • Alessandro Braga, Independent Researcher & Consultant

Citizen Participation as an Anti-Corruption Tool: Evidence from a Panel Cross-Country Analysis

  • Milena Neshkova, Florida International University
  • Can Chen, Florida International University


Diversity Impacts on the Workplace

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 104

Chair: Raymond Zuniga, American University    

Managing Veterans in the U.S. Federal Government: A Diversity Management Perspective

  • Sean Webeck, Indiana University
  • Venkata Krishna Nadella, Indiana University

Diversity Impacts on The Workplace: How Can Leadership Power Mediate Between Diversity Effects and Teamwork Processes?

  • Eunmi Choi, Rutgers University

Investigating Public Access to Cultural Organizations in the Detroit Metropolitan Area: Does the Urban Environment Matter?

  • Alisa Moldavanova, Wayne State University
  • Lyke Thompson, Wayne State University
  • Katelyn Burkart, Wayne State University