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Saturday, June 10, 2017, 9:40 - 11:00 AM

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Policy Priorities and Public Management

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T4

Chair: Keith Baker, Oregon State University  

When Politics Intrudes: Scientific Conflict and Group Influence during Regulatory Policymaking

  • Susan Yackee, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Public Regulation and the Emergence of Private Regulation among Nonprofit Organizations

  • Mary Kay Gugerty, University of Washington
  • Emily Finchum, University of Washington
  • David Suarez, University of Washington

Public Management and Policy Priorities: The Case of OSHA Health Standards

  • Clayton Sinyai, Bridgeport Research


Budgeting through Economic and Fiscal Stress

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 103

Chair: Ed Gerrish, University of South Dakota

Helping or Hurting? The Costs and Benefits of Municipal Bankruptcy

  • Akheil Singla, Arizona State University
  • Carolyn Abott, The Ohio State University
  • Samuel Stone, California State University, Fullerton

Municipal Response to the Great Recession: Evidence from Small-to-Medium Sized Cities in Georgia with Key Comparisons to Florida Cities

  • Cary Christian, Georgia Southern University

From Fiscal to Organizational Stress: Implementing Organizational Reforms During Austerity

  • Tom Overmans, Utrecht University

Budgeting Flexibility Through Optimal Rainy Day Funds

  • Ray Nelson, Brigham Young University


Public Sector Employees: Resilient or Fragile?

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 104

Chair: Stephen Holt, University at Albany – SUNY

The Determinants of Antifragile Organizations: Do Resilient Employees Foster Antifragile Organizations?

  • Meghna Sabharwal, The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Imane Hijal Moghrabi, The University of Texas of the Permian Basin
  • Geoff Plimmer, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Evan M. Berman, Victoria University of Wellington

Examining the Effect of Bureaucrat Bashing on the Morale of Public Employees

  • Gordon B. Abner, Indiana University

The Psychology of Surviving Organizational Layoffs - A Systematic Review of the Survivor Syndrome and Its Public-Sector Application

  • Hyuk Yang, Rutgers University-Newark
  • Sebastian Jilke, Rutgers University-Newark

Constrained but Committed: Coping with Personnel Constraints in Public Organizations

  • Roger Qiyuan Jin, University of Georgia
  • Hal G. Rainey, University of Georgia


Managing Public Discourse

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T5

Chair: Milena I. Neshkova, Florida International University

Examining Street-Level Collaboration: Evidence from a Citizen Engagement Initiative to Improve Maternal and Child Health Services in India

  • Harish P. Jagannath, Azim Premji University
  • Tina Nabatchi, Syracuse University

Managing Public Discourse: Tactics for Shifting Deliberations

  • Susannah Bruns Ali, Florida International University
  • Sukumar Ganapati, Florida International University

Volunteer Involvement in Public Service Delivery: Linking Perceptions of Volunteer Use to Citizen Satisfaction

  • Heather Rimes, Western Carolina University
  • Rebecca Nesbit, University of Georgia
  • Jeffrey Brudney, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Public Administration as Political Integrator

  • Juniper Katz, University of Colorado Denver


Accountability, Motivation, and Performance in the Public Sector

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 105

Chair: Benedict Jimenez, Northeastern University 

Beyond Accountability and Control: How Do Public Sector Internal Auditors Perceive Their Role?

  • Luc Juillet, University of Ottawa

A Study to Develop Multidimensional Scale of Employee Accountability for Public Organizations

  • Yousueng Han, Indiana University

Do Accountability Strategies Work? Assessing Performance-Based Accountability

  • Seulki Lee, New York University

Accountability, Motivation, and Work Behavior: Evidence from Korean Case

  • Soo-Young Lee, Seoul National University
  • Ha Young Lee, Seoul National University


Managing Immigration Enforcement and Its Consequences

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T6

Chair: Carolyn Heinrich, Vanderbilt University

Immigration Enforcement Governance and the Performance of Detention Facilities

  • Jocelyn Johnston, American University
  • Zachary Bauer, American University

Representative Bureaucracy and the Salience of Hispanic Ethnic Identity: Does Immigration Context Moderate Ethnic Pairing?

  • Katie Vinopal, Ohio State University
  • Juan Manuel Pedroza, Stanford University

Representative Bureaucracy and Performance Quantity and Quality: An Application to Immigration Enforcement

  • Francisco I. Pedraza, Department of Political Science, University of California, Riverside
  • M. Apolonia Calderon, Texas A&M University

Immigration Enforcement Management, ICE Worksite Raids, and Impacts on K-12 Public Schools

  • Raymond Zuniga, American University


Gender Issues in Public and Nongovernmental Organizations

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room 106

Chair: Maja Husar Holmes, West Virginia University 

Public Perceptions of Pay Equity in City Management: An Experimental Analysis

  • Suzanne M. Leland, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Examining Gender Dimensions of Leadership in International Nongovernmental Organizations

  • Eric Boyer, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Aleksey Kolpakov, University of Nevada at Reno
  • Scott Lee, University of Nevada at Reno

Explaining LGBT-Heterosexual Differences in Perceptions of Organizational Justice: The Roles of Gender, Race, Agency, Disability, and Veteran Status

  • Gregory B. Lewis, Georgia State University


Understanding Nonprofit Support for Public Services

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T3

Chair: Lewis Faulk, American University  

Use and Perceptions of Nonprofit and Local Government Services in Diverse Urban Settings

  • Khaldoun AbouAssi, American University
  • Lewis Faulk, American University
  • Long Tran, American University
  • Joe Shaffer, American University
  • Minjung Kim, American University

Determinants of Real Estate Investments for Nonprofit Organizations

  • Joanna Woronkowicz, Indiana University
  • Shinwoo Lee, Indiana University

Using Data to Improve Performance? The Case of Nonprofit Nursing Homes

  • Sarah Pettijohn, University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Understanding Nonprofit Support for Public Services: Moving from Co-Production to Co-creation

  • Yuan Daniel Cheng, Indiana University