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3:45 PM15:45

Performance and Accountability

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

(Over) Confidence and Performance Information: Exploring the Limits of Bureaucratic Rationality

  • Sean Webeck, Indiana University

Motivated Reasoning about Government Performance: A Replication and Extension of Experiments in the US and Denmark

  • Oliver James, University of Exeter
  • Martin Baekgaard, Aarhus University
  • Søren Serritzlew, Aarhus University
  • Gregg Van Ryzin, Rutgers University

How Political and Collegial Accountability Contexts Influence Public Managers’ Use of Performance Information

  • Jakob Majlund Holm, Aarhus University

Does CompStat Help Reduce Crime? A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of Police Performance Systems between 2000 and 2013

  • Obed Pasha, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Alexander Kroll, Florida International University
  • Michael Ash, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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3:45 PM15:45

Qualitative and Interpretative Perspectives on Collaborative Governance: Networks and Collaborative Governance

Location: TBD


Why Should You Keep Your Enemies Close In Your Networks?  A Study on a Local Hydraulic Fracturing Policy Network in New York State

  • Jeongyoon Lee, Ball State University
  • Jennifer Dodge, University at Albany—SUNY

Accountability Challenges in Collaborative Governance

  • Seulki Lee, New York University
  • Sonia Ospina, New York University

The Role of Networks and Collaborative Processes in the Digital Transformation of State Governments

  • Mila Gasco-Hernandez, University at Albany, State University of New York
  • Luis F. Luna, University at Albany, State University of New York

Climate Change Adaptation at the Local Level: The Case of Florida

  • Vaiva Kalesnikaite, Florida International University
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3:45 PM15:45

Managing Complexity in Public-Private Partnerships

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD    

The Management Imperatives of Complex Contracting

  • Trevor Brown, The Ohio State University
  • Matt Potoski, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • David Van Slyke, Syracuse University

Public Private Differences in Hospital Approaches to Population Health

  • Danielle Atkins, University of Central Florida
  • Meghan Gabriel, University of Central Florida
  • Xinliang "Albert" Liu, University of Central Florida

Transparency, Political Institutions, and Public-Private Infrastructure Partnerships

  • Anthony Bertelli, New York University
  • Valentina Mele, Università Bocconi

Human Service Contractor Location: Moving to Need?

  • Brent Never, University of Missouri- Kansas City
  • Drew Westberg, Coe College
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3:45 PM15:45

Cutting-Edge Issues in Service Delivery

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

Utilization of Computer Simulation and Serious Games to Inform Livestock Biosecurity Policy and Governance

  • Christopher Koliba, University of Vermont
  • Serge Wiltshire, University of Vermont
  • Scott Merrill, University of Vermont
  • Asim Zia, University of Vermont
  • Gabriella Bucini, University of Vermont

More Than Mere Words? The Role of Text in Priming Institutional Logics in Public Management

  • Benard Ngoye, Universitat Ramon Llull/ESADE
  • Vicenta Sierra, Universitat Ramon Llull/ESADE
  • Tamyko Ysa, Universitat Ramon Llull/ESADE
  • Sahar Awan, Universitat Ramon Llull/ESADE

Establishing the Bureaucratic Field in Stateless Territories

  • Alketa Peci, Getulio Vargas Foundation, Brazilian School of Business and Public Administration
  • Vanessa Brulon, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

What’s the Organization Got to do With It? Examining Organizational Structures and Police-Community Relations.

  • Andrea Marie Headley, Florida International University
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3:45 PM15:45

Understanding Emergency Management

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

Understanding Engagement in Disaster Planning in Relation to County Officials’ Individual-Level Psychological Indicators, Organizational, and Institutional Factors

  • Anne-Lise Velez, North Carolina State University
  • John M. Diaz, University of Florida
  • Branda L. Nowell, North Carolina State University
  • Toddi A. Steelman, University of Saskatchewan
  • A.J. Faas, San Jose State University

Operational Bureaucratic Politics and the Rise of the Armed Forces in Domestic Emergency Management

  • Jori Kalkman, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

A Network Design Perspective on Resilient Crisis Response: Lessons from the Case of Flight MH17

  • Rene Torenvlied, University of Twente
  • Matthijs Moorkamp, Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Ramses Wessel, University of Twente
  • Wout Broekema, Leiden University

Policy Frameworks for Interoperable Crisis Communication and Disaster Management

  • Brittany Haupt, University of Central Florida
  • Dr. Naim Kapucu, University of Central Florida
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3:45 PM15:45

Understanding Organizational Structure and Red Tape

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

More than Pathological Formalization: Understanding Organizational Structure and Red Tape

  • Erin L. Borry, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Wesley Kaufmann, Tilburg University
  • Leisha DeHart-Davis, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Where does Red-Tape Come From?

  • Niels Ejersbo, KORA
  • Nanna Høygaard Lindeberg, KORA
  • Lene Holm Pedersen, CBS

Red Tape Dynamics - How Performance Regimes Influence Red Tape

  • Mads Leth Felsager Jakobsen, Aarhus University
  • Nina van Loon, Aarhus University

When Rules Tip to Red Tape: Experimental Evidence on Compliance Burden, Lack of Functionality, and Performance

  • Gene A. Brewer, University of Georgia
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3:45 PM15:45

Coproduction of Public Services

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

Organizational Correlates and Outcomes of Two Models of Co-Production

  • Sunggeun (Ethan) Park, University of Chicago

Service Provider Perspectives on Coproduction and its Outcomes

  • Tina Nabatchi, Syracuse University
  • Suyeon Jo, Syracuse University
  • Samanta Lee, Syracuse University

On Whom Can We Rely? Citizens Respond to Distrust in Government and the Ineffective Leadership of Local Elected Officials in the Context of Co-Production

  • Dhanakorn Mulaphong, The University of Georgia
  • Brian N. Williams, The University of Georgia

Measuring the Impact of Public Management and Coproduction on Law Enforcement Performance

  • Seong C. Kang, University of Georgi
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3:45 PM15:45

Ethics, Self-Interest and Sabotage in the Public Sector

Location: TBD

Chair: TBD

Ethics Management, Retaliation, and Whistle-Blowing: An Analysis of US Executive Branch Ethics Programs

  • Sun Young Kim, Indiana University

Public Service Sabotage: A Systematic Review of the Types of Sabotage, its Antecedents and its Effects

  • Lars Tummers, Utrecht University
  • Steven Van de Walle, KU Leuven
  • Maurits van Leeuwen, Utrecht University

Retention in National Service Programs: Motivation Satisfaction and Psychological Contracts

  • Mary Tschirhart, The Ohio State University
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