Conference Committee

Dean Barbara Romzek

Barbara Romzek, Ph.D., is a recognized figure in the field of public affairs. She is an expert in public management, accountability, and government reform. In her role as dean, Romzek leads 90 full-time faculty members, multiple research centers, and 1,800 students in public administration and policy, government, and justice, law and society. Read More

Vicky Wilkins

She is the SPA Senior Associate Dean and a professor. Her expertise includes gender and race issues, representation, diversity, deservingness, and policy implementation. Read More

Alison Jacknowitz

She is SPA Chair of the Department of Public Administration and Policy Department, associate professor, and an expert on a wide variety of issues related to food security, poverty, and children and families. Read More

Anna Amirkhanyan

She is an SPA associate professor with a research and teaching focus on public and nonprofit management, public sector reform, organizational performance, social policy, research methodology, and intellectual history of public administration. Read More