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Experimental Design and Feedback Workshop

  • American University 4400 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20016 United States (map)

Location: Ward Circle Building, Room T3


  • Sebastian Jilke, Rutgers University
  • Oliver James, University of Exeter
  • Gregg Van Ryzin, Rutgers University

The increased use of experiments in public administration and management research offers much promise for advancing theory, methods, and substantive knowledge in the field. However, scholars need to think carefully about their experimental designs, including manipulations, before implementing the actual experiment. For instance, they need to be clear what they want to manipulate, and how they will do so. Thus, there is strong need to carefully theorize about intended effects in the design phase of an experiment. Also, other aspects of experimental designs, such as the treatment of subjects, statistical power, or issues of anticipated non-compliance need careful consideration in the design phase of an experiment. However, few public administration scholars that do experimental research have opportunities to seek advice and feedback from colleagues before implementing their experimental designs. Moreover, public management conferences are not set up to facilitate the presentation and discussion of experimental research proposals. With this workshop we seek to increase the capacity of experimental designs within the discipline by addressing this lacuna. It is planned that a group of public administration scholars presents and reviews each other’s experimental research designs before they are implemented. Therefore, this workshop will provide the unique opportunity to present experimental research designs of specific studies and discuss their particular strength and weaknesses, with the aim to improve the overall quality of experimental research designs in the discipline. This workshop is aimed at any public administration scholar (including doctoral students) who plans to implement experimental designs and seeks qualified feedback before doing so.